My Journey To Data Science

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

Hello everyone! I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am Berkay 🙂

I graduated from MIS (management information systems) department in 2018. I have been working as a Human Resources Specialist for 3 years. I’m in the role of HR Analytics in the department. Budget, Reporting, HR Systems, and Digitalization are my main tasks. I am very interested in technology because of my job, my department, and my interest. I love Reporting and dealing with data.

As time progresses, I realize how little I know. Accordingly, I decided to enter the world of data science. I am still in the infancy.


Udemy — Mustafa Vahit Keskin — (50 Saat) Python A-Z™: Veri Bilimi ve Machine Learning

Udemy — Mustafa Vahit Keskin — Veri Bilimi için İstatistik: Python ile İstatistik

Coursera — Andrew Ng — Machine Learning (Offered by Stanford)

Udemy — Ömer Çolakoğlu — Alıştırmalarla SQL Öğreniyorum

Udemy-Ömer Çolakoğlu — Uygulamalarla SQL Öğreniyorum

I will also attend Vahit Keskin’s Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp course in May.

I am not a very competent or incredibly knowledgeable person in data science or anything else. As I mentioned in my first article, the main purpose of what I will write here will be the desire to learn. Thanks a lot!

Bonus: My Workspace

If there are questions about my workspace, I will gladly answer them.🙂

Data Science Enthusiast — For more information check out my LinkedIn page here: